-Love & Loss-

Its is with a very heavy heart that I bring myself to speak out. 
No words will ever be able to communicate or justify how much
brilliance a single human being can have and how much joy he   managed to bring those he loved. I thought I knew heartbreak and pain. Yet nothing has ever felt like this before and every day that passes feels like that Monday all over again, seems like the longest day of my life. The pain will never go away, the memory will never fade. I can only hope that I will be strong enough to get used to it. I will love you until the day we meet again. You will remain by far one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the luck to share a friendship with.I know this is not your grief. I know your safe now. I know your at peace and pain has finally gone away. I feel like a better person for knowing you and all I can do is thank you, for everything. Yet it still will just never feel like enough.
Joel Dever (1986-2011)

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