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Bags designed & made by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez for Charlie Le Mindu

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Hi Gabriella Marina Gonzalez,

We have tested your blog (
http://www.gabriellamarinagonzalez.blogspot.com) and found that it contains problems in matching our criteria that are so severe that we do not think that they can be fixed. Therefore, we will not accept any further submissions on this particular blog.

The problem(s) with this blog are noted below:

In order to have your Blog Certified with Blog Distributor, it
must not contain pornography or pornographic words. The following is a list of the pornographic words we found in your Blog: suck (4), cock (2).

If you have other blogs that do not share the problem(s) that this blog has, we would welcome your submission of those other blogs.

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No problem Mr. Gat. I only submitted my blog because someone from your company scouted me and told me I fit the criteria along with some paragraph about how he doesn't choose just anybody? I understand your politically correct user friendly rules basically regulated out of fear and except this but I must say I am personally appalled that you would contact me to comment with your highly unprofessionally personal opinion on my art and creative freedom by saying I " severely" don't match the criteria because of the word "cock" and "suck". There is this thing called context and I If I were to say that I believe that your certification "sucks" and that you should tell your scouter that he is a "cock" for wasting my precious time that this would be a pornographic statement? Have you ever heard of the artist Tracey Emin? Do you know that if she advertised online for one of your ridiculous consumer brands for one minute that she would probably make it world famous? Probably not.-Gabriella Marina Gonzalez