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A.D.D Radio Presents:
'The War on Want' session

Meat Sweats (LIVE)

in their first ever show

disc jockeys:

Loose Bones
William Micheal
Stun Gravy

film screening:

The year punk broke

July 13th, 2011

8-1 a.m.


The MacBeth

70 Hoxton street

ever feel you are a part of the dispossessed?...

you and i and a.d.d are going to fill the void.

it's a radio show

it's a club night
it's a knife fight

the night will be hosted with dry humor and good intent by gabriella rant as a radio show which will be available as a podcast.

we hope to bring you maximum stimulation of the senses by bombarding not only your ears but you retinas with the power of projections. past screening's have included: visuals by Leon Hatcher, Down Town 81, The filth and the fury and Faster pussy cat, Kill! Kill!

a good atmosphere will be in place as a rule.....

every installment of the show is available from the night on tape or compact disc. individually made by rant recordings...

 'Collect them all while supplies last, and trade them with you friends.' consumerism is the new black.

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