-they wrote themselves vol.1-

-coffin song-

so you went and misbehaved, and you dug up your own grave,
danced around it twice, slipped and fell upon the ice,
now i won't be around, to lend a hand and help you out,
and it true, so true,
oh honey i guess that your screwed,
and it's true, yes its true, so fuck you,
in this verse i'll tell you just what i'll do,
put a nail, in the coffin 
fill the hole, up with dirt,
plant some daisy's by the headstone, less its tulips you prefer, 
i'll step over your head, let your mother know your dead, 
but remind her that jesus saves, then i'll remind her how you misbehaved,
its true, yes its true, well darling i guess that your screwed, 
cause i wont ever let you forget, how good i was to you.

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